Nendoroid Collection 101: How to start, store, and take care of your newest obsession

What are Nendoroids anyway?

A salaryman Nendoroid with dark hair and a blank, beady-eyed stare
Close enough, right?

Where do you buy Nendoroids?

For Nendoroids on the way or newly-released series,

AmiAmi’s homepage, with a Nendoroid advert

For Nendoroids that came out quite a while ago or preorders are already closed,

What do I do with Nendoroids?

picture of a line of Nendoroid body pieces dressed in traditional furisode robes of yellow, red, blue, and pink
Furisode-clad body pieces for Nendoroids

Where do I find all these display cases and accessories?

A display of many Nendoroids all set up in a dollhouse, some cooking in the kitchen, eating food, or at a cash register
An example of a Nendoroid display using Sylvanian accessories, from Tempy

How do I take care of my Nendoroid collection?

Cleaning your Nendoroids

Storing your Nendoroids and their accessories

a storage container with 6 by 4 count of plastic drawers set into a black shelf
Example of a good, breathable shelf that’s ideal for storing currently unused Nendoroid parts
two Nendoroid figures, one with red hair and a cheerful expression, and one with white hair and blushing stand side by side.
an image of me trying out poses with two of my own Nendoroids as I decide how to display them



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